Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Role of Spa Baths in Arthritis Treatment

A spa might give you unexpected relief from arthritis pain.

Soft bones or osteomalacia means that you experience extreme pain when you put pressure on the bones. Likewise osteoarthritis of the knee means that you are not in a position to do conventional exercises. That is why osteoporosis patients have sometimes turned to spa baths as one of the ways in which they can get relief. In the Edwardian age, many members of the upper classes thought that these spas could treat the symptoms of Paget's disease of the bone even if they were not yet clear about the sources of that condition. Some people suffered from Patellofemoral pain syndrome. This was characterized by knee pain in young adults. Spas have been recommended for Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), dermatomyositis and Polymyositis. Some of the benefits reported include:

1. Soothing effects on the bones: Although the scientific research on this is rather sketchy, some patients claim that they get relief from the spas. The bones are excruciatingly painful when you suffer from arthritis and therefore the anecdotal evidence has to be taken at face value. Patients are the best source of information about their symptoms because they feel the pain.

2. Relieving muscle tension in the body: Sometimes the arthritis patient will not get a chance to move their muscles about. That will lead to tension and the infamous muscle pull. Bathing in a spa will relax these muscles and give them some pain relief. It might be necessary to stretch after the treatment in order to maximize the benefits.

3. Dealing with aching joints: Often arthritis patients will complain of chronically aching joints. It is important that there are different options in addition to the non steroidal ant inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Spas have been known to provide relief for aching joints.

4. Reducing insomnia: The intensive pain that is felt by arthritis patients might lead them to suffer from insomnia. This is a debilitating condition because the patient will always feel tired and yet they have no means to rest. Bathing in a good quality spa might induce sleep and reduce the incidence of insomnia.

Although spas might be considered to be ancient techniques with little scientific research, the reality is that many people swear by them. You can go on a warm spa in order to warm up your bones in the winter. It is also a good way to get out of the house and exercise those bones in a safe manner.

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